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100x Value on Experiences

Most watch enthusiasts remember October 2017, the month when Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona sold for almost $18 Million at auction. This was more than a 100 times premium of other vintage Rolex Daytonas and was it surely wasn't because of the pristine condition of the much-loved timepiece.

This was, of course, the watch that Newman famously wore as a race-car driver, actor and celebrity around town. Before giving it to him, his wife had the inscription "Drive Carefully - Me" engraved into the case-back. That was a loving reminder for him to try as hard as possible to make it home in one piece and proved beyond a doubt that it was truly Newman's horological companion.

Almost as well-known as the Paul Newman Daytona auction, were the stories of Rolex Dealers having trouble giving Daytonas away in the late 1960s and early 1970s. To say that the watch was not as beloved as it is today would be an understatement are large as the hammer price for this watch. The technology in a 1968 watch was far inferior to that of the modern, 2017 example. Finishing would have been rougher in the 1968 model and as far as condition goes, it clearly suffered some close encounters with danger. So why then did the watch fetch such a premium?

Unsurprisingly the provenance of this watch was the value. The fact that most watches from decades gone by were not well documented and rarely connected directly to pop culture or world events made Newman's Daytona feel really unique... and it was. While the value in this watch was expressed monetarily, that is not always the sign of worth. The stories that the watch could tell and the experiences it endured are a testament to a life worth living. Imagine if that watch could talk!

With Matter of Time, we can make the watches talk. We want members to document and share experiences with their Time Capsules and then pass them along to people who are deserving of a good gesture. If everybody passes their watch along after a year or two and every recipient continues to follow suit, could you possibly imagine the incredible stories these watches will represent in a few decades?

Paul Newman and his Daytona were a very special case that shows how valuable experiences are if they are passed along for people to learn from.

While we don't expect (nor hope) to see Matter of Time watches at auction for a huge premium,

You won't have a vintage Daytona looking up at you when you search for the time,

And the words "Drive Carefully" won't be imprinted into your wrist...

Your Matter of Time Founder's Collection watch will have a depth of experiences that nobody can take away.

You will know that the dial looking up at you will be part of the fabric of many people's lives.

And the words leaving a mark on your wrist will say "Time Matters" as a reminder to treat every ticking moment as a gift to us and those around us.

Photo Credit: Watches by SJX

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