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Every Watch Tells Time...
But This Truly Tells a Story

Unlike most watches, this is not the watch you keep in pristine condition to resell to the top buyer.  You likely won't pass this down to your children and it isn't the watch you will be buried in.

  1. This is a watch that you will wear

  2. Record and share experiences with it in the Time Capsules area. 

  3. And then within two years, you will give it away.

  4. Each person who receives the watch repeats this cycle


You're an important custodian of this watch.  After a decade or two, the provenance on this watch will be recorded in the Time Capsules area and for all future custodians to see.  The value of the watch is not only the visible hardware, but all of the experiences it has endured through the years.

Matter of Time Founder's Collection

A Time to Give Back

The watch community is one of the most generous in the world.  The people who are part of the community are consistently looking for ways to give back to the communities around them.  

Matter of Time has a strong charitable component where the members will be the recommenders of causes that will receive 50% of proceeds of every single collection.  A board of members will cast the final votes for allocation of funds to the deserving groups. 

While Matter of Time is not a registered non-profit, we look forward to Matter of Time becoming globally recognized as a symbol of good deeds and shared positive experiences throughout time!


The Time To Make a Difference Is Now


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